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General Hair Tips
image1.Comb your hair regularly. Combing helps spread the natural oils through hair, making it look shinier and healthier.
2.Massage scalp regularly to increase oil secretion.
3.Avoid sratching scalp with finger nails or fine combs, because damage to scalp causes damage to hair.
4.Leave your hair untied for atlease four hours a day. This eases the pressure on your scalp and gets blood circulation back.
5.Always wash your brush and comb when you shampoo your hair. Avoid lending your brushes and combs to others.
6.Don’t wash you hair in soaps or harsh shampoos. They are highly alkaline and will upset your hair’s natural pH balance.
7.Leave your hair untied for atlease four hours a day. This eases the pressure on your scalp and gets blood circulation back.
8.Follow a balanced diet rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins, the essentials for healthy hair. Especially good are iron, sulphur, zinc-B complex and vitamin C.
9.It is essential that you make regular trips to a hairdresser every six to eight weeks otherwise there is a danger of getting split ends in your hair.However, by keeping your hair clean and conditioned following the plan above you will be able to ensure that your hairdresser is able to really get the best look and shape to your hair.
10.It is also important to drink alot of water and keep your caffeine content down to a minimum by drinking very little tea or coffee, chocolate or any cola drinks.
During rainy days and cloudy weather, your hair becomes a victim.The sun and the humidity can damage your hair’s cuticle and result in dry, drab, brittle or frenzy hair.Here’s how to maintain a magnificent mane.
1.Apply a leave-in-conditioner during these sticky months to avoid static electricity.
2.If during a cloudy day, the sun unexpectedly peeps from in between the clouds then apply your skin suncare lotion to your hair, as the sun is even harsher and this is likely to do severe damage to your hair.
3.To control potential frizziness wear your hair in a tight french braid or a neat chignon.
4.Beware of using shine serums these months, they contain silicone which can worsen the frizz.
5.Wash your hair less often during these months and let it absorb atmospheric moisture.

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