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Housewives are more responsible mothers than working women - debatewise

But what these letters have brought out clearly is the fact that the house mother must take the house responsibility for the well-being of her family whether she has two or ten children, a four-room flat, or a farmhouse of ten rooms, and five hundred chickens to boot. Well, that means that those days I shall have the wives sent over from the community kitchen.

The Companion has won its place as a necessity in your home by consistently presenting in its s the most practical expert information available in your special job as home-maker and housekeeper. I have no cause to grumble about this, because my husband gave me a check book and asked me Any use it when I needed it. In hundreds of letters comes the question: "How can I do all that I have to do, and still be a right mother to my children?

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As in industry, mechanization and scientific management were part of a larger reorganization of work. The Companion has published s of several experiments that have proved successful. If there is a way of bringing help right to the doorstep of wivds busy mother who re the Companion—and we believe there is—no effort will be spared to accomplish this. So I acted on the impulse, secured my certificate in North Dakota, applied for the position, and am now teaching.

Any house wives

What is the answer? It was a revelation of unrealized power in our American homes.

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Nothing else could. An all-day meeting would be feasible, with a picnic lunch for husbands and children, meaning wonderful things in the way of social contact and uplift. Cooperation in one form or another has existed since the world began.

Any house wives

In our case it meant that I slowly regained my health. With the wife recognition of her responsibility, the home-making woman has consistently improved her technique as a matter of course. Any woman who keeps her own house, does her own cooking, and cares Any her children, has a harder job than the average worker. No time to train my children, and now the traits of heredity and environment are mocking me. These things are just as necessary in our home-making as are the mechanics of housekeeping.

What an inspiration and relief such an organized force would be in every village and city community. But that also brings. But, after her house labor is through for the day, she has not an ounce of energy left—she has used herself up in doing the work necessary to keep her boys and husband fed and her house in decent order.

In short, there is a point below which the most efficient executive in the world cannot cut costs, and steps and hours of labor. Is This a Wild Prophecy?

Any house wives

The need of educating husbands occupies a conspicuous place in the correspondence received. How to be an active community worker in a passive country neighborhood, and still be truly charitable.

We wrapped for the season and then we do all our confessionals and everything. A remarkable thing about the letters was their uniform excellence—which fact made the task of the judges very difficult. Generous prizes will be offered to readers who bring us reports of successful ventures in getting together.

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A woman, for instance, with six children and a husband, and with no help save an occasional day worker, and no money for the more costly labor-saving devices, simply cannot organize her necessary duties so that she will have leisure for pleasures and activities outside the daily routine. But our codes and practices do not even recognize the hohse of adjustment, for a woman.

Mentally—to assist with lessons. In such a household the most modest requirements for food, shelter, and clothing become a driving force that pushes aside relentlessly any irrelevant longing. Her mind is teeming with ideas wjves her children and her community: ways to improve the schools; a plan for better milk inspection; neighborhood club for boys and their fathers; plan for cooperative buying among housewives.

That was four years ago. The great question now facing us was how to eliminate a part of this mountain of work. No money to give them anything but the bare necessities of life, so that they are trained for no special work. To have the need generally recognized: that would help me and countless others most of all.

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One friend of mine, a college woman and a teacher before her marriage, is the fond and capable mother of four boys. We have spent weeks analyzing and classifying the wealth of fact and suggestion contained in these communications, and it is now evident that through the interest, the ideas, the will to arrive, of these millions of American women, wonderful ways are opening up. If we could but print them all!

I missed two parties More than two thousand letters were received in response to this call. We believe that we have yet to master the one big essential: the art of pooling our problems.

I mean I had rather housse married than not be: I adore my baby and love all children; and home to me is the most wonderful place this side of heaven. As long as she can keep that vision her duties do not seem irksome. Small groups in widely scattered communities have found ways of working things out together. Here a sudden inspiration took possession of me and I saw the silver lining behind the cloud of endless household cares. I would teach myself, and get a good girl to do the housework.

After a time it gets to be a burden, for they expect such service, and you keep on giving it until you grow cross and irritable. But I have just as strong feelings on the subject as the wwives who has to beg pitifully for every cent, and then be browbeaten because she has to have it.

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This is for You If you are a home-making, housekeeping woman Beginning with the February issue, this magazine will publish a series of vitally important articles, wiives of which, we hope, will be written by some of you who read this. At twenty-six I found my health hopelessly broken by overwork.

Any house wives

It is an endless circle with no break in it where I personally come in at all. When you have picked up after a family for years and kept your house immaculate, it take real determination to leave a coat or mittens on a chair, or deliberately sweep toys out into the yard when they have been left cluttering the floor.

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We gotta catch up with the episodes. If John can afford an afternoon at golf, then Mary should have an afternoon to herself. How to be superintendent of the Sunday-school, houe yet keep the man of the family from feeling he is being imposed upon staying home and keeping the baby Sunday afternoons. What I need is a start: some time in which to prove my ability to earn more per week than a scullery maid can hiuse.

Any house wives

In the July and succeeding issues the Companion will describe in detail some of the plans that have been worked out most successfully.

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