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Anyway, if the level Delightfyl "The Lunchbox" is the one several Indian films deliver these days, I can't wait to get more into the matter.

Delightful reviews

I haven't seen that one yet though, so no further elaboration on it, except I'd be quite surprised if I end up liking their choice as much as "The Lunchbox". So to sum revieqs all up, I really really loved "The Lunchbox". ificantly, he claims in an interview in reviewz booklet that his inspiration as a young man was the honest unfussy approach of Hermann Prey and a teacher who told him to stop trying to force expression into every note and instead "let your voice go".

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I especially liked Irrfan Khan with "Life of Pi" and Slumdog Millionaire" recently under his belt probably the biggest star from his country right now internationally as a delightful widower who did so much with so little and should easily be a contender for Best Actor of the Year at the next Delightfl, but obviously he won't be. It was not entirely happy the way I hoped it would be, no big emotional bang like for "Lost in Translation", but still it was in a way uplifting and maybe more realistic and reviews a smile on your lips.

Delightful reviews

And you can speculate nicely how things will go from there. It's sometimes genuinely funny, namely in those parts where both lead characters communicate with their most important person the colleague, the upstairs neighbor and even if these obviously have a great deal of problems as well, including loneliness or taking care of a very sick refiews for 15 years, these interactions result in very entertaining situations.

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Is there something I criticize about this film? The film centers around a lonely Dflightful who, thanks to coincidence, has two strangers enter and enrich his life that may or may not have an impact on him in the future.

Delightful reviews

Then there's the scene where he asks him to be his best man, scenes in which he watches the old shows his wife loved or a scene in which he makes a joke reviewws you can see the impact of loneliness on his ability to make jokes or the empty lunchbox after the unsuccessful review, the aging without realizing The ending is pretty good too.

I was always curious about the next note the two would exchange and it probably could have run for at least another hour to meet the extreme length of many Indian films these delightful and I wouldn't have been bored a bit. The other great strength of the movie besides its lead actor is the writing. And that was only one of many smart scenes that perfectly display the characters' emotions or state of minds.

Delightful reviews

Actually there is: the fact that I missed watching it at the premiere with the cast and director around. And there's many more scenes I didn't Deliyhtful that made the movie the review wonderful experience for me. The film is packed from start to finish with dialog that so fits the tone and situation and a large of symbolisms that will impossibly leave you cold. It doesn't have spectacular music or dancing as you Delighftul know it from a few Indian films these days, but it does have many sequences with delightful tasty food.

Among the two dozen ensuing items, everyone will have their own favourites.

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I'm not sure if there's a movie where I would say that if you liked this, you'll have a great time watching "The Lunchbox" as well. It is his musical sensitivity rather than his chops as an opera star Dwlightful comes to the fore here, and one senses throughout his sheer pleasure in singing. Indian cinema is one of not too many areas that I'm not too familiar with. I was shocked to hear that India decided to submit another movie as the entry to the Foreign Language category at next year's Academy Reeviews.

You don't have to have lost your wife as well to feel the lead character's bitterness and despair early on in the film, to feel his loneliness in one of the most populated cities on Earth. Reivews scene with the chili in the basket was hilarious and brought some great comic relief that moment.

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I'll give it a try though. The lunchbox simply could have gotten addressed correctly or the new employee could have tried his luck at another company and nothing from the action we were so lucky to see would have happened. At least that's what I can tell for me and most of the audience sitting in my viewing. Often you can't even force it, you just have to hope for it to happen.

You just have to experience them. I've seen "Slumdog Millionaire" of course and "Gandhi", but that's pretty much all I can say. In Khan's shadow, Nimrat Kaur, who's surprisingly new to the film industry, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a likable pain in the neck shine as well.

Was this review helpful? Ten of ten.

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But the film is far from being emotional torture porn. But back to the film: It's Ritesh Batra's first directorial effort for a full feature after a few short films, which makes the final result even more impressive.

Kaufmann is in fine form throughout, producing some particularly lovely soft tones in his head voice. You can also mention the children in the yard and how they interact with Khan's character, the ventilator metaphor with the people below them and their similarities, coma patient and office worker which may very well be the greatest symbolism I've seen in theaters all year.

Delightful reviews

The factor of coincidence is a very crucial one here as these happenings depict perfectly how one random thing happening can change your life Delibhtful. Very authentic display and that is exactly the way it is. Another great scene is the moment in which his new colleague invite Khan's character and he rejects the invitation for the same evening as he's so deep down in his shell he needs preparation time for such a seemingly review event.

The closest I can think of is "Lost in Translation", which has some parallels, even if, compared to the Coppola movie, all the interaction delightful happens revkews in written form.

Delightful reviews

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