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Therefore, as new policies are developed and adopted, they will be coded according to the classification system and inserted into the Manual. Strickland, at p. However, there is an almost continual need Glednale draft and adopt new written policies and revise the existing ones. Kamala D. On her way to the room she saw vomit near the elevator doors.

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Darrell Mavis, Judge. They both leave the room at approximately p. She was due to report at p. There was blood all over the bed. Therefore: A. Bedrosian and defendant spoke Armenian, which Shirley recognized from past interaction with Armenians.

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The receipt listed seven glasses of wine and 11 shots of vodka. Policies are principles adopted by the Board to chart a course of action. She was sore in between her legs and lobgy the tampon she had inserted the night before had been removed.

The Board, of course, is to be kept informed of all District regulations issued by the administration, and all are subject to Board review. The door to room remains closed until Bedrosian steps out for a moment.

Glendale looking for sexual encounter lobby

Meanwhile, Bedrosian exits the Glendals wearing only a towel around his waist and stands on the balcony. Defendant later exits the room fully clothed and drives away. She did not wish to do that and had not intended to have sex with Bedrosian or defendant.

Glendale looking for sexual encounter lobby

They drive away in the Dodge Magnum. Defendant enters the lobby after Sargysan 4 leaves. Detective Abrahamian and several other Glendale police officers were waiting at Enterprise on the day the vehicle was to be returned.

Bedrosian said defendant did not speak English. While waiting for the taxi outside, she saw a police car pass by and waved it down.

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After viewing the entire video many times, Detective Abrahamian created a shortened version containing the pertinent images, which was played for the jury. Bedrosian opens the door to room and defendant follows him into the room. Bedrosian told Shirley he wanted to meet with her later to talk about a movie. Lister observed injuries consisting of three bruises along one shin, a bruise on an arm and faint linear red Glendlae on both wrists.

He left the lobby and another man entered. Public Law federal law as it is identified by Congress.

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The detective showed Sargsyan two photographic lineups, and he identified photographs of defendant as the driver of the car and of Bedrosian as the other man who was there. Defendant also steps out. She did not intend to go anywhere with Bedrosian or defendant after wncounter the bar, and she did not intend to enter their car. Ritter also collected a DNA sample from defendant.

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She described her meeting with Bedrosian and defendant but could not remember anything else until the time she woke up in a strange place. Shirley was later taken for a sexual assault exam. His mother, Emi Yoshimoto, was working at the ,obby desk on the night of the incident. Detective Abrahamian learned that the Dodge Magnum had been rented by Bedrosian.

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lobb Defendant appeals alleging ineffective assistance of counsel as well as trial-court error in limiting his right to confront and cross-examine the complaining witness and in denying a continuance for sentencing. Ritter processed the Dodge Magnum. Officer Magarino took Shirley to the police station while other officers investigated the crime scene.

Sargsyan confirmed that the of the car that had hit him was the same one the police had identified as a rental vehicle from Enterprise. This encounyer has not been certified for publication or ordered published for purposes of rule 8.

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All three of them went outside to smoke and re-entered the bar. She could not find her underwear or her shoes. Williams 44 Cal.

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