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EHidelberg crafted the app by marrying two technologies quickly gaining momentum: React Native, which allows iOS and Android to share a common client platform and Firebase, which made the creation of a full services layer much faster. In the future, the app will include past exhibits while guiding visitors to check out newly launched art work. Latest News.

This release comes at an opportune time as the Heidelberg Project continues on Heidrlberg journey with Heidelberg Heidelberg. We are impressed by what they have done and continue to do with public art and creative inspiration and we are proud to be able to collaborate with them and bring forward new ways to further their mission. Over 32 years, HP has served as a community organization that improves the lives of people and neighborhoods through art. Edit Storyline The Heidelberg Project has international status as a fertile ground for creating art from existing projects - the evidence of waste, consumption and greed.

Executive Director Jenenne Whitfield vividly describes the nearly three decade artistic cause to reach across to reach across geographical and cultural differences to demonstrate the power of "art as medicine. HP is an outdoor art installation founded in by Tyree Guyton as a creative response to urban blight and decay in the Detroit neighborhood in which Guyton grew up.

The app is deed to guide users through a unique tour of the site leveraging GPS technology.

Heidelberg project

Written by Jenenne Whitfield and Richard Raubolt. Viewers then have the opportunity to deep dive rpoject key landmarks within the exhibit, exploring content tied to the history, construction and inspiration.

Heidelberg project

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