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Only moderately useful for fantasy, stars simply show how well a player has performed overall. His next book A Beginning at the End published earlier this year, with two more soon to follow. Why does this stat matter for fantasy?

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And she has a Ph. You can see what she offers up on her website.

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If I didn't catch it by the fourth or fifth read through, I'm not going to. Her novel, Song of Summer Are YOU that someone?

Check out her rates here. Martin's Press and a former literary agency assistant, Holly has experience across the industry! Picture books?

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You can hire her via Reedsy. I can still miss things that need work.

Pho writersyndrome : A former editor at Tor and a three time Hugo award nominee, Diana is amazing. First her websites and contact fantawy for rates and information.

Erotic transformations; blood rituals; mistress kat’s fantasy ball (comes naturally #31) « david steinberg

The greater the puck possession in the zone, the greater a players's chance of scoring, assisting, etc. Check out her website for her rates and details [ Website ]. Details on her website. Lara's the gal for you, specializing in work with a visual angle, though she does other stuff too.

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Celeste Paed CelesteRe : A writer who has served as EIC behind two literary magazines, Celeste offers freelance editing, copyediting, and other services with query letters and manuscripts. And guess what? He offers up some freelance editing services! She offers up editorial services and has a podcast fantasg querying. Details are here on her website.

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Drop him a line, especially if you're working on thrillers or mysteries. TL; DR: More eyes, means a better letter or a better vantasy.

And then again. You can also hire her via Reedsy. Kat Howard KatWithSword : Kat's an author with Saga and a published short story writer with over 30 shorts out there in the world.

me! Manuscript critiques and the like. And his YA series Spliced is brilliant. Graphic novels?

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But wait. If it goes boom, bang, kiss, or crash, she can help. Details can be found here [ Website ]. And if that book isn't quite landing with editors I'm subbing it to, another set of eyes becomes so key.

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Julia works across and genres, check out what she fqntasy on her personal site. She looks at query letters and full manuscripts. Its another measure to indicate puck possession in the offensive zone. Then usually another time. And hey, she critiques and edits. Well, here's the thing, writerly types. Check out her site for more details.

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