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She even offered to meet me halfway to pick him up, but, selfishly, I wanted to see some of her other cats! We've always had very sweet, loving cats Excellent breeder and you can tell that they also love the kittens. Breeders Finally, szle have arrived at the most important thing you should know when it comes to breeders in Nebraska.

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He is going to be very big cat because his feet are still too big for his body and he is a big kitten. So, check on these things before you make a decision to purchase your Bengal from a particular breeder. We loved her so much, that we purchased a second kitten the following late week, which was her Kittenx.

What grabs the eye at initially is the slick and stunning texture of their coat, but those who have spent time with a Bengal would also adore them for their intelligence, sociability and always energetic nature. She is the friendliest kitty that loves to play, cuddle, and will sit on your lap while your fog a movie or eating dinner if you let her!

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I highly recommend Lena and her beautiful Maine Coons! Also all respectable breeders will make certain that the kittens are wormed, vaccinated and are temporarily ensured. We have had several cats throughout our lives, but never had a Maine Coon. I grew up on a farm with lots of outside and inside kitties, and as an nebrawka, have hardly ever been without a cat or four! You don't find that very often, and we really appreciate Lena!

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A only offer SBT Bengals for sale while preserving the foundation Bengals mainly for breeding purposes or for selling them to experienced owners only. I am purchasing a pair of sisters and although I don't even have them yet -- I can tell you that working with Lena has been a joy and her personal level of response and nebraskq is what helped me make the decision to deal with a breeder so many hundreds of miles away!

I have a red cream kitten Gryff who is about 5 months old.

Kittens for sale in nebraska

We adopted our Maine Coon kitten in December and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. We will are anxiously awaiting for his half-brother to be born so Murphy can have a partner in crime. All of that sounds adorable enough, but bear in mind that locating a well-bred Bengal kitten may not be all that Kitttens for you.

To start with, one can not find them in nearby animal shops or even through regular cat breeders. So, we would recommend that you do a little homework on this to help you decide exactly what sort of Bengal you would prefer as your kitten.

We have had her for almost a year now. We definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a a Mainecoon. I am finally reing the lovely world of Maine Coon owners!!

Cat breeders in nebraska

I have been searching for Maine Coons for years after my first "accidental" big boy many years ago! We can tell that she came from a great home and family that spent time with her to ensure she would be a great family cat! However you will likely additionally find Bengals with furs of a golden hue, or creamy white or those that have a bluish tinge. We have a chocolate lab, so Lena made sure to socialize him with their dogs prior to him coming home with us.

Kihtens hope to have our new boy sometime this spring.

That said, the foundation Bengals hold on to several of the wilder characteristics of their undomesticated ancestors and more often than not, they are not even identified as domestic pets. Lena was wonderful throughout the entire process, sending pictures as he grew.

Kittens for sale in nebraska

I have never seen a cat have the personality, goofiness and intelligence that he does. First, the breed is the end result of a cross involving domestic cats and an Asian Leopard Cat, a feline breed of the undomesticated assortment though smaller in appearance and stature. All the ones I met were super-social and loved.

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We bought a beautiful black smoke kitten from Lena. We recommend that you visit at least three reputable breeders and collect as much information as possible before finally committing yourself to the purchase. She fpr friendly to everyone who comes into our home! Suzanne Bellevue, NE Jan 25 PM I grew up on a farm with lots of outside and sal kitties, and as an adult, have hardly ever been without a cat or four! And they even cuddle nebrsska our blind Golden Lab?.

He is also very affectionate and it is a bundle of fun to watch them play. But before we take on that, listed below are various basic facts one must definitely understand before adopting a Bengal cat. Highly recommend Nebraska Coons.

Kittens for sale in nebraska

He adds so much joy to our lives every day! She is so great about sending updates and pictures as the babies are growing so you start to feel a bond before you receive your kitten. He has been the best cat and is so much fun! He is also extremely social with us as well as with guests in our home. We named him Banner and he has been an amazing fit into our family.

We come from many places, from many situations.

COM Bengal Kitten Breeders in Nebraska When searching for Bengal kittens for sale in Nebraska, here are a few things you should keep in mind: Bengals are undoubtedly an unique and wonderful domestic cat breed and there are many different reasons why a pet lover may wish to own one. I love having his Kitttens pictures to show people!

Kittens for sale in nebraska

You must know that according to TICA or The International Cat Association requirements, no Bengal breeder is permitted to part with their kitten before it is at least 13 weeks of age. Each come with a powerful and lean figure and also that extraordinary and beautifully spotted or marbled coat. We adopted our male Maine Coon summer of In fact, the majority Kityens breeders throughout the U.

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The male kitten developed a cold on the day we adopted him and the breeder has reimbursed us for the medication as she would have kept him and given him medication prior to us bringing him home, but we were anxious to have him. Lena is a wonderful breeder and I have recommended her to the people who ask me nebrasla Murphy. He has added much entertainment and love to our family.

He has beautiful markings and a healthy appetite.

Kittens for sale in nebraska

I would love to have another kitten from Nebraskacoon Maine Coon Cats but my house is a max pet capacity 2 dogs and 2 cats. All I need to do now is talk my husband into another kitten!

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