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After partying hard the night before, Meexican splits from the group to pursue Rob, a hansom young tourist from the states. The same year, the Department of Homeland Security launched so-called Operation Predator, an initiative to investigate and arrest all types of sex offenders in the U. When they enter, strange things begin to happen, as the girls become overwhelmed by an unspoken evil that possesses the resort.

After realizing they took a scenic tour, Sophia and Rob do the same, in hopes of finding her lost friends.

Mexican sex vacation

As night falls, the tired and injured girls arrive at an abandon resort and decide to take shelter until morning. A Puebla-based businessman sued her for criminal libel and on Dec. Lydia Cacho Ribeiroa journalist and children's rights advocate, found that out after publishing Demons of Eden, a book that claimed links vacwtion -sex ring and certain government officials, politicians, drug traffickers and businessmen.

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Written vqcation Chase Hudson. The U. Hundreds of homeless youths such as Fernandez hang out on the beaches, outside the discos and in the central plaza in the heart of the resort where they are picked up by pedophiles. In a sting operation in Februaryagents in California nabbed seven men who had ed up to go on a holiday to the Baja California town of Ensenada, where they were promised sex with boys as young as 9. Mexican authorities and child-protection advocates say a weak justice system, police corruption and a lack of facilities to help Mexicann children Mexlcan hindered attempts in Mexico to curb the problem.

Back in town, Sophia is worried about her friends and works hard to track them down.

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We just pass the information on" to prosecutors, Moreno said. Investigators estimate the of Mexican children who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation — including prostitution, pornography and human trafficking — has increased to 20, from 16, in the past five years. The business gets me food. In many cases the children are sold by pimps, who are often older Mexicam people with histories of being sexually exploited themselves, Moreno said.

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Meanwhile, child sexual exploitation continues throughout Mexico. The law clarifies and strengthens cases against American citizens who have sex with a minor outside the United States or have planned to go abroad to have sex with a minor, said Los Angeles Assistant Attorney Richard Lee. The suspects should have been sent to the United States for trial, he said.

Mexican sex vacation

Now they are starting to address it," said Teresa Kilbanethe fund's Mexico projects director. In Augusttwo of the suspects committed suicide in the city's prison. Many of those who vvacation for sex with the boys and girls are American, Canadian and European tourists. Now free on bond, she denies breaking any laws.

Mexican sex vacation

The other girls decide to take a tour of the countryside without her, but are robbed and left for dead in a remote rugged terrain. Edit Storyline Kathleen, a bride to be, and her four bridesmaids Sophia, Jessica, Beth, and Amber travel to Mexico in hopes of having a last "hoorah" before the wedding a few weeks away.

Investigators say some of the worst abuses occur in the famous seaside resort of Acapulco. Barriers to prosecution Attempts to prosecute the pedophiles in Acapulco have had limited success.

Mexican sex vacation

In strip clubs, cantinas, hotels and private houses around the beautiful bay, about 1, children are victims of the illicit trade, according to UNICEF. Miguel Lopez, head of child protection for the Guerrero state government in Acapulco, said the defense attorneys allegedly bribed key child witnesses so they wouldn't testify.

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Then his smile disappeared, and the face of the skinny year-old turned to Mesican cold, unblinking stare as he described how grown men, sometimes Mexicans and sometimes foreign tourists, regularly take him to hotels and pay to have sex with him. Sophia and Rob finally discover the resort and attempt to help their friends, but an unspeakable evil has taken control of all who travel to Most Popular.

Cacho, whose plight has won the support of Reporters Without Borders and other groups, could get vscation years in prison if convicted. Soon after, the other 11 were released when a federal judge said there was insufficient evidence against them.

Mexican sex vacation

So far, the operation has netted 6, people, including 13 men who planned to have sex with children vadation, said department spokesperson Jamie Zuieback. What do you want me to do?

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Under the law, Mexican prosecutors need someone to sed a detailed accusation against a specific suspect before they can take action. The act also increased the maximum sentence for child-sex tourism to 30 years from 10 for first-time offenders and to a life sentence for those with convictions. It gets me clothes," said Fernandez, sitting in the shade of a basketball stand to escape the blazing sun.

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