Number 18 sauna edinburgh



The last of the bunch, a tall blonde from Finland was promisingly both the friendliest and the hottest, in a near-MILFy sort of way she was probably 30 ish.

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Watching Monique fuck me multiplied in the mirrors edinurgh us finally pushed me over the edge with an explosion of cum. When I noticed that the other guests had no interest, I said Hello, and didn't waste any time taking her to a room. After I chatted with her a little I proposed we go to a room, looking forward to sex with this woman sadly I forgot her name and not willing to miss the chance to check off a Nordic land on my working girl country map.

I felt like a voyeur, checking out the infinitely nested mirror views of this sweaty dude fucking for his life.

Number 18 sauna edinburgh

Another nice touch was the "tour" of the facilities given by a saina in lingerie, who looked to me like a busty Brazilian. The next day I made another visit to Blair Sauna, but while I was on the street outside I saw four successive men enter and so walked around for edjnburgh time to delay my entry, knowing that the locker room would be packed and girls availability limited. My eyes darted between her gaze back and forth to the mirrors encasing the small but well-configured room.

Things got really wet as my tongue elicited plenty of her juices, and she held my head tightly as I brought her to orgasm. A memorable feature was a drawstring bag provided to allow guests to keep their valuables sauja their person, but it did make me wonder about what must have caused them to adopt that. She pulled my tent, er, towel aside and proceeded to take my dick into her mouth with long, slow strokes.

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A submission by Police Scotland, calling for a ban on items of a sexual nature in saunas, was withdrawn without sakna discussion. With one final unhinged thrust I burst forth with a powerful cum, in the process nearly debilitating myself with a near strain of a hamstring.

Number 18 sauna edinburgh

Between beer at dinner and a time crunch I knew cumming would be a challenge, and her distant attitude was the deathknell. Her own oral skills were in evidence as she provided a nice BBBJ with proper eye contact. Better was the sight of her back and ass glistening with sweat, her eyes and voice imploring me to cum as her blonde locks flew wildly. The vibe was rather awkward, with all of them silent and two looking glum and me not knowing how exactly things should proceed. Nadine Stott, a board member of the charity Scot-Pep, which campaigns for the rights of sex workers, said such a move would have "gone against all basic common sense".

With my hands in a death-grip on her ass and then hips, I bucked hard, hammering my dick in and out, all while taking in the unfolding scene in the surrounding mirrors. Police Scotland absolutely supports proper measures to protect sexual health.

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Unfortunately, this all but disappeared once we got into the room and I made my payment of around 50 pounds. The others included a Bulgarian and a rather attractive Latina whose coldness made her easy saunq resist. As I showered and got dressed in the empty locker room I gave thanks that I had one more day available for me to make a return to Blair Street to try to erase this dismal visit. There was one lady present, a beautiful black girl sitting there silently.

The Licensing Sub Committee assessed information on the saunas, including reports from the police and objectors. I had sayna wait a couple of minutes for a ghost- or some such themed walking tour to clear the sidewalk outside the nearby pub before I entered. There was not too much to show, actually, of the locker and shower rooms, although they were still twice the size of Blair's.

I actually arrived there from a dinner with colleagues, which lasted longer than expected so I had only time for a 30 minute session before closing time. With this edinburvh experience I happily said goodbye to Scotland the next day.

Number 18 sauna edinburgh

She was not there on my next visit, aauna things still turned out well. My first visit was to the Blair Street Sauna, and I was surprised how close to the tourist throngs this place was located. The guy at the desk was friendly and I paid the house 25 pounds for 45 minutes, and he set me up with a locker. She took off her bra to reveal a beautiful, large, round set of fake tits, had me lie down on the bed.

18 sauna edinburgh

After the meeting, committee convener Councillor Gavin Barrie said: "The committee has carefully reviewed all the information presented, including information from any objectors and reports from Police Scotland. The girls eventually greeted me and I asked where they were from, leading to a line of small talk bizarrely centered on a recent papal visit to Poland, the home of one of the ladies. I kissed up and down her sexy body before burying my face in her pussy.

Downstairs I paid her the 60 pounds for her time, and we got down to business.

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This time the contact room had a completely different feel; inside I ed two men, one of the Asian visitors I had seen enter, placidly sipping a hot drink, and a young Anglo guy, sitting there sweating and clutching the money he would later hand off to a lady. But the highlight was the way she rode me, squatting over me and pounding her pussy on my dick like a pile driver.

This was the case as I took a seat among the four women in slinky dresses seated on the couches on the perimeter of the small room. The other sauna I visited, London Street Sauna, was like my lodging in the New Town, but on the opposite side so turned out to be a longer walk than I expected when I returned home.

Number 18 sauna edinburgh

I needed to get into my own seed-spilling mode, so she wrapped my cock in a condom and stayed on her back as I ploughed into her pussy. With ediburgh a short stay in town I only had time for three visits.

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She was all businesslike and clearly aware of the approach of closing time. The two of us had a laugh over that as we had a sweaty embrace, and a nice cherry on top was the view in the edinburgu of her lathering up her very fit body in the shower. I wanted to see more of her ass so motioned her into doggy position. More on this story. Safe sex campaigners were angered by condition, which they said would mean a ban on condoms in the city's saunas.

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The blowjob was covered, the positions limited by time and her restrictions she would not transition from wdinburgh to lying prone which is usually my ticket for cumming. She was somewhat reserved but more importantly responsive to my kisses on her exinburgh lips. I called off her perfunctory handjob after it became apparent after a few moments that it would be a waste of time, and would really be devoid of any real pleasure.

After a shower I entered the contact room. The three women there Nummber attractive and in their early to mid 20's, but only the one who had showed me the locker room had an approachable air about her. No matter how many venues, covering a great variety of places, I visit in this hobby, I still have a sense of nervousness on my first visit.

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