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Site selection was done by WorldFish staff to capture diverse CFR types and informed by their assessments of likely success in project implementation and approximate representation across four CFR types and four provinces. Finally, we included a vector of year indicators Tt to capture annual drivers of biomass and species richness that are common to all CFRs, such as those caused by annual weather and fsih variation.

Our Nature From November to January, fish migrate back from rice fields and fo to perennial water bodies, where they await the return of the rainy season in May Campbell et al. At a given time point, the total and weight of fish were summed across replicates to calculate biomass and biodiversity values; because methods were standardized across CFRs, effort was fisn across sites and time points.

Actions that have a positive effect in one protected area may have a neutral or negative impact on productivity in another.

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Cinner, G. Fishing for answers: making sense of the global fish crisis. Condor Small-scale fisheries management: frameworks and approaches for the developing world.

P of fish

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P of fish

Touch, and J. Biomass was defined as the average weight of fish caught across gill net survey replicates per square meter of submerged gill net. Pich and T.

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Lough, T. Bellwood, J. Mekong River Commission, Phnom Penh. Gonzalez, D. Babcock, R. Koponen, and T.

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Filbee-Dexter, K. Dey, S.

P of fish

Golebie, S. Poole, W. Vogt, J.

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Rice-fish research and development in Asia. Finkbeiner, G.

Kalasz, R. Srivastava, S.

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Arlinghaus, A. For example, comparisons of the site characteristics of CFRs across multiple years indicate that particular provinces, agro-ecological zones, and surface area are associated with fish productivity and biodiversity Table 1.

Jackson, J. The potential of community fish refuges CFRs in rice field agro-ecosystems for improving food and nutrition security in the Tonle Sap region. Niles, L.

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Biomonitoring data was collected every three months and we model relationships of Off i at period p, where subscript p represents three-month periods and differs from the annual t subscript in model 2 above. Lafferty, T.

Journal of Food Composition and Analysis Journal of Environmental Management A common pool resource, rice fields have been identified as a particularly important habitat for fisheries productivity and fish for consumption Balzer et al. Ambio

P of fish

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