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How I was topped and made a bottom! The scheme, which is said to have ties to a sex fetish studio, involved several dozen properties in the Hamptons over the past seven years. Mistress then readied her whip and began to give Salve Sally the pussy whipping of her life.

Authorities say that straw buyers for dozens of Long Island properties were paid for clb involvement in this frauds. The The stage was set.

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A gag restraint was the placed in Salve Sally's mouth. You may use any hole you desire.

S&m club

A black leather bra, just big enough to cup her large breastsleather thong that did little to hide her vagina and ass, shinny leather boots that came up half way up the thighs, neck and clug leathers, black leather gloves, mask and of course her famous leather whip was in hand. Pre-cum and spittle glisten on their organs in the bright lights.

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The Salve's holes were repeatedly plugged with penis. Leave a Reply. When you are ready to cum, pump your squirt all over her. When some cock fluid ran down her cheeks, it only intensified her spanking as Mistress punished her for her transgressions.

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Mistress Jane was ready. The Slave was to be punished for her disobedience. And what massive, fine organs they were. Bound by hands and feetsupport band under her ass checks and clad only in her gag, she was a fine sight.

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Four male members of the club stood to one side, clad only in leather helmets and leather straps to support their cocks and balls. Prosecutors reported that some of the mansions and other summer rentals rented to vacationers were fraudulently purchased through the mortgage fraud scheme. In the center, suspension restraints were all set ckub but empty. The Hamptons are popular as a lavish and expensive summer retreat for the rich and famous.

S&m club

She had checked all of the "equipment", lighting and had brought in extra seating as tonight's meeting was going to be well attended. See was clad in only a leather halter top and thong.

S&m club

She jammed the plug home. She was magnificently outfitted. The spotlight shined on the Slaves reddened ass and cunt mound.

Pandora’s box

Public humiliation at next weeks meeting was the result. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Neither he nor his attorney commented after court. This entry was posted on Thursday, April 30th, at pm and is filed under Default.

S&m club

As the club room filled all was ready behind the curtains on the stage. One source of c,ub buyers was a company called Maximum Restraint films and the other was identified as Arena Studios, Inc.

Mistress culb ordered that the male salves position their self's around the salve and masturbate their cocks, being careful not to ejaculate. Mistress ordered her to begin on the first of the four men that were there for Mistress's playing pleasure. Mistress, ordered the male slaves, now clad in only their leather hoods and supporting raging hard-ons, to assist.

The Salve was spread eagled, legs opened almost to the breaking point, cunt and ass hole fully displayed to the cheering audience.

She was then hoisted into the sling restrains. Mistress obliged them. Now stand up and SS&m your clothing and get naked for the audience.

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Several of the clients for the studio were recruited to pose as the homebuyers who could afford Hamptons vacation homes. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. The lights in the room dimmed and the stage curtains opened with the spot light thrown on Cclub. Two of the companies involved were named. The male members happily obliged.

S&m club

The Salves ass and cunt mound was red, she was being properly abused. Salve Sally's mouth was strained to the bursting point as she sucked each of them hard. Similar scams have surfaced around the nation in recent years, but hardly in such a high profile location. Her cunt was glistening and dripping cum juices, much to the cheers of the audience.

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