I Am Looking For A Man Waiting for the bus like a swede



After a while he finds two Swedes standing up to their knees in the water.

Waiting for the bus like a swede

He bought himself a very expensive disguise complete with dor outfit, the hairstyle and even learned a new accent. The Swede, when his turn comes, realizes that the firing squad will not fall for the same disaster twice, so he shouts "FIRE!!! Finally he comes up with the answer.

And the next day, headed Witing on the train for the Arctic Circle Finally, the husband couldn't contain himself any longer, he had to find out what was going on. We bought all-day tourist tickets for the entire public transit system — on and off whenever you pleased, which was good since we usually found ourselves on the wrong trolley and needing to backtrack and start over. Lars asked Ole, "Do ya know da difference between a Norvegian and a canoe?

Lady ask me, What is your name?

Waiting for bus like a swede

A policeman came by and thought Waitibg himself: "That one must be Swedish" and decided to take advantage of him. And every statue seems to be guarded by a pigeon. Some things are definitely better in America. So, I guess ve have to say, ve can't afford to save any more right now. No Ole, that's your left eye! Punch him in the nose!

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Apparently the duct tape holding the two dimes and the nickel together keeps jamming up the machines. The US Mint announced today that it is recalling all of the Minnesota quarters that are part of its program featuring quarters from each state.

Waiting for the bus like a swede

Diamond, who asked her: "Do you have any religious views? Heard about the dumb Norwegian who mixed his Viagra with his prune juice? We're building a house.

Culture shock in karlstad

The Norwegian smashed the first bottle on the Swede's head, then the second and so on, but he stopped after smashing nine bottles. Are you sure it's yours? Not that Finland is a very religious place: church attendance is pretty low according to the guidebooks. He explained, "I vant Lena to see who I have been out vith. I expect there are people who do. Now its freezing cold and you're still happy. But we never saw anyone actually checking tickets on the trolleys, and probably we could have just ridden free all Waitng.

A: The Swedes have nice neighbors!

Waiting for the bus like a swede

Ole again immediately responded, "Sorry, ve don't sell TV's to Svedes! But I would also guess that most Waiiting those who do, do so out of need rather than a sense of getting away with something, and the rest of the people buy tickets or passes because they believe in the system; to not do so would be violating some essential trust or contract.

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If you have a good Scandinavian joke, please e-mail me. Seeing that Sven was upset, Ole said, "hey, vhat about da postman"? Again the Ole wrote something on a pad, went to the window, and yelled " Gren sida oop! Runeberg for whom our boat was named. The Swede looked at it and said, "funkar, funkar inte, funkar, funkar inte. The Swedish captain bristled, and replied that the sender should shift HIS course 10 degrees to the east!

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Later they returned to Sweden to test the dog, but they were rather disappointed. To get Wating an airplane is an act of faith that works better for people more given to believing than thinking. If they worship anything, most Finns would seem to do homage to the idea of the livable society. Another worker was wondering what Olaf was doing: - "Olaf, don't you think you should stop now?

But the really interesting story lay a few blocks away, in the big old house that is now the J.

He sees an old Chinese man sitting in the corner. Hoping they could do something to stop this, the neighbors got together and went over to talk to Ole. No Ole, your right eye!

Waiting for the bus like a swede

One Sunday morning One Sunday morning, the Lutheran pastor noticed Ole standing in the foyer of the church staring up at a large plaque. If that went well, all cars would follow suit the next day.

The nordic model may be the best cushion against capitalism. can it survive immigration?

The Norwegian suggested that the Swede let the air out of the tires. All you got is your old John Deere tractor and your combine. He was basically able to live like a Swede in Finland. Halvorsen Lije meat on Friday When Ole quit farming, he discovered that he was the only Lutheran in his new little town of Catholics.

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In the old days the Swedes used to drive on the left, but his caused many tourist accidents. He was swdee angry that he got a gun and pointed it to his own head. The lady from Immigration asked him, What is your name? Jump Two Swedish men are sitting in a bar watching the eleven o'clock news. The cannibals gave each of them a final wish. Soon a Norwegian came by the tunnel and found out that the truck was wedged in with the likd stuck against the ceiling.

Ground speed, mph. That was okay, but the neighbors had a problem with his barbequing beef every Friday.

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